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Micromet Advantages

Water Savings

A recent study in the City of Irvine by a leading Southern California water district showed that Micromet saved between 37% and 42% of its monthly, seasonally adjusted water usage. Some customers have found that a Micromet managed irrigation controller saved between $2000 and $3000 per year for larger irrigated sites.

Micromet Irrigation Management ensures that irrigation stops when it rains.

Labour Savings

Micromet automatically turns on/off irrigation controllers as required so that limited labour resources can be effectively deployed elsewhere. Complex controllers, once programmed, are then simply managed by Micromet.

Cost Effective

The Micromet solution enhances your existing irrigation system. It is available as a low cost monthly service that requires no capital expenditure.

Improves Quality

Micromet's unique plant-driven demand approach to water management improves quality by encouraging deeper rooted, less water dependent turf and plants.

Ease of Management

You can centrally manage all Micromet management units online or via telephone. Irrigation information is available at any time online and management reports can be easily created.

Environmentally Friendly

Micromet's service delivers the appropriate amount of water to plants and protects our environment by reducing runoff, conserving water, and maximizing plant health.

Experience and Knowledge

Founded in 1997, Micromet combines extensive horticultural and irrigation management expertise with the latest in technology advances. With offices around Australia, Micromet is a leading provider of irrigation management for local government, schools and other public utilities and authorities.

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