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Budget Management


Micromet Budget Management allows any Micromet Irrigation Management  site to be assigned a total water budget for the irrigation season, and ensures that the site does not exceed that budget.

The total water budget can be specified in terms of total events, millimetres applied, or kilolitres applied.

Budget Management works by assigning a customizable profile of application for the season. Typically the profile will allow for most usage in the middle of the season, with restricted amounts on the shoulders.

Each day, the profile is re-examined given the amount of water left in the budget to determine when the next irrigation can occur.  In this way the irrigations are apportioned according to the profile without having to manually adjust run days or visit the site.

The key advantage of this is that we maintain deep irrigations rather than budgeting by slicing run times, and that we can achieve budget targets without losing the flexibility of watering on any day.

Usage Accuracy

Usage estimates, upon which the budget tracking is based, are derived from site audit details (that is, measured precipitation rates and volume checks from the meter at the site).

Provided that the site is regularly audited, and any changes to irrigated area or run times are entered into the system promptly, usage outcomes have been shown to generally fall within 5% of real meter values.

IPOS (South Australia)

SA Water has exempted sites controlled by Micromet Budget Management from run day restrictions and our monthly volume usage report to SA Water on your behalf replaces the need for you to take meter readings and produce reports (conditions apply).

Ask us today about using budget management to achieve your South Australian IPOS requirements.

ET Drive

Budget Management can work in conjunction with ET Drive, giving a more finely tuned adjustment to the prevailing conditions in the current season, rather than overall averages.

Using ET drive with budget mode may in fact help your site come in under budget if the season is mild or has higher than average rainfall.

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