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ET Drive

Best Practice Irrigation

This add on package to the Micromet Basic  or Micromet Pro service transforms your existing irrigation controller into an intelligently scheduled, environmentally aware system.

Both Basic and Pro Micromet services provide a soil moisture tracking feature.  This feature uses scientifically proven techniques to determine site soil moisture content from prevailing weather conditions.

The Micromet central servers use both our own and Bureau of Meteorology weather stations to derive reference evapotranspiration and rainfall in the local area of your sites.  This information is combined with site audit details to track soil moisture at the site.

With the ET Drive add on, the site uses the soil water tracking to determine when the site should irrigate, rather than using a fixed schedule.  The aim is to only provide enough water to recover the ET loss and to ensure any rainfall is used to its fullest before re-commencing irrigation.

Unlike some other systems which change run time and irrigate each day to recover ET loss (which leads to shallow root growth), we use an optimal deep irrigation each time, and change how often the site irrigates instead.

When rain falls, this moisture is taken into account and will extend out the time until the next irrigation.

This type of irrigation is sometimes called maximum allowable depletion irrigation.

You can trim your site to account for micro-climate factors or usage which may increase or decrease its ET, and there are various settings which can customize how it operates.

The Results

  • The more water your site needs per day, the more often it will irrigate, driven by the weather. 
  • We apply just enough water to fill the root zone without over watering.
  • When rain has occurred, the system postpones regular irrigation until it is dry enough to start again.
  • Using this technique will help the plants at the site to grow a healthy root zone and become more tolerent to water stress.
  • All this happens automatically without having to visit the site.

Other features

In all other respects the site will operate like a standard micromet site.  This means:

  • You can still choose which days are allowed for irrigation.
  • You can still override the system with ad hoc commands to force or prevent irrigation.
  • It will work in conjunction with other add ons such as Budget Management
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