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Micromet Meter Data Manager

Data Logging and Control

The Meter Data Manager is a low power data logger which can record rate and volume measurements from up to 4 physical meters.  Each meter connector has a continuity detector so that accidental wire breaks or vandalism can be detected early.

Other sensors such as rainfall, temperature sensors, level switches and depth sensors can be optionally integrated into the unit.

The MDM device has a built in switching capability which can be used to control nearby pump or valve equipment.

Download the brochure here.

Central Management and Decision Support.

The inbuilt GPRS device is contacted on a customizable schedule to download the logged data to our central server platform.  The central server processes meter count pulses to provide ongoing flow and usage data plus track the meter reading.

This means you can monitor water use and other optional telemetry at the site, and take meter readings or control equipment remotely without a site visit, from anywhere on the web.

As with all other Micromet products by default the communications are handled via our private GSM and 3G network (provided by Optus) so there are no contracts or infrastructure set up with 3rd party vendors required.

Solar Power

Most water meters are in locations where mains power is not available.  The Meter Data Manager is solar powered in its default configuration and so can be located close to the physical meter limiting the need for cable runs.

Micromet Integration

One or more Meter Data Managers can be integrated with an existing set of Micromet Irrigation Management  sites.  This integration provides real time volume usage for the site to replace the estimates based on the site audit.

Additionally meter flow readings provide additional error detection capability on the site such as no flow or low flow conditions, and leak detection.

Micromet Online

All Micromet Meter Data Managers come with access to Micromet Online, our customer support web site. The web site allows you to view and manage sites from your desktop 24/7. Features include:

  • Meter list, Meter reading and status summary
  • Flow Rate Reports
  • Consumption reports (depth and volume)
  • Ad Hoc commands to update data
  • Irrigation efficiency report
  • Online help, tools and calculators


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