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Micromet Weather Station

Data Logging and Control

The Micromet Weather Station is a low power data logger which can record data from  6 pulse counter inputs, 2 analog inputs, and 2 binary inputs.  This allows it to measure the following instruments in its standard configuration:

  • Wind Speed

  • Wind Direction

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • Rainfall

  • Solar Radiation

  • Tank / River depth

  • Level switches / other equipment (on/off)

Additionally it has a single latching relay output, which can be configured to control an external load such as a valve, lights or other separately powered equipment.

Central Management and Decision Support.

The inbuilt 3G device is contacted on a customizable schedule to download the logged data to our central server platform.  The central server processes incoming telemetry for all channels of data.

This means you can monitor weather and other optional telemetry at the site, or control equipment remotely without a site visit, from anywhere on the web.

As with all other Micromet products by default the communications are handled via our private GSM and 3G network (provided by Optus) so there are no contracts or infrastructure set up with 3rd party vendors required.

Solar Power

The Micromet Weather station is solar powered in its default configuration, a mains powered version is also available.  The solar panel plus battery is sufficient to monitor all the standard instruments including the depth sensors all year round 24/7.  Any externally controlled load such as valves or pumps will require their own power source.

Micromet Integration

The Micromet Weather Station can act as an input to the Micromet weather grid, providing up-to-date real time weather data for nearby Micromet Irrigation Management sites.

Micromet Online

All Micromet Meter Weather Stations come with access to Micromet Online, our customer support web site. The web site allows you to view and manage sites from your desktop 24/7. Features include:

  • Instrument reading and status summary
  • Charts and Visualizations 
  • Consumption reports (depth and volume)
  • Ad Hoc commands to update data
  • Online help, tools and calculators

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