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Micromet Water Treatment

Micromet Water Treatment is a proprietary continuous flow electro-chemical water treatment process developed by Micromet for the treatment of contaminated water. Typical applications are industrial waste streams, grey and sewage derived effluent, and contaminated ground, lake or river water.

The resulting product water is safe for industrial reuse or recycle such as irrigation, dust suppression, toilet flushing, and can be further polished to suit other purposes.


  • Hybrid electro-chemical process give combined advantage of oxidation, electro-coagulation and DAF like floatation systems in a single pass.

  • Effectively removes suspended solids, fats, oils and grease, colloidal suspensions, phosphates, sulphates and heavy metals

  • Significantly reduces COD, BOD and Total Nitrogen, kills pathogens.

  • Built into trailer / shipping container form factor for easy transport.

  • Small footprint combined with high flow rate makes it an effective retrofit to existing plant installations.

The process comes in a flow rate range from 4.3 kL to 1.0 ML per day.


Description : Small portable unit, 0.5 L/s with integrated high rate filter and UV disinfection to suit small plants or temporary jobs.
Footprint : 2.4m x 1.2m
Housing : 8' x 5' car trailer (optional)
Nominal Output : 43 kL/day

Small Industrial

Description : Industrial unit provides a nominal 2.0 L/s with integrated high rate filter and optional UV disinfection. Multiple units can operate in parallel for larger flows.
Footprint : 4.5m x 1.6m
Housing : 20' shipping container (optional)
Nominal Output : 173 kL/day

Large Industrial

Description : 6 x 2.0 L/s industrial units in parallel with a 12.0 L/s high rate filter and optional UV disinfection. Redundant operation for continuous use during maintenance. Multiple containers can operate in parallel for larger flows.
Footprint : 40' shipping container.
Housing : 40' shipping container.
Nominal Output : 1.0 ML/day
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