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Micromet Basic

Centralized Distributed Control

Micromet Basic allows centralized scheduling of irrigation at your sites without the expense of complicated SCADA system or replacing irrigation controllers.

Micromet basic operates by attaching a one way wireless (pager network) Micromet device to your existing controller, typically using either common wire interruption or a controller sensor port if available.

The existing field controller to defines the run times as it does now, but the Micromet device overrides the irrigation schedule, that is the days on which it is allowed to run.

Soil Moisture Tracking

During each day, depending on the conditions moisture is extracted from the soil by the plants and evaporation combined (evapotranspiration) and rainfall and irrigation add water back to the soil.

Micromet uses a moisture tracking model based on scientifically proven irrigation scheduling techniques to determine how wet or dry your site is.

The model uses site audit data provided by you or one of our accredited auditors, and hourly weather telemetry provided by our network of weather stations and the bureau of meteorology.

Rain Halting

Micromet Basic sites can be set to cease irrigating if more than a certain threshold of rain falls during the irrigation window. Rain data is gathered from both Micromet weather stations and Bureau of Meteorology weather stations and rain radar to determine rainfall at your site.


Unlike many other controllers which do not know the date, Micromet Basic can be set up to handle odd and even calendar day restrictions.

Micromet Online

All Micromet Basic sites come with access to Micromet Online, our customer support web site. The web site allows you to view and manage sites from your desktop 24/7. Features include:

  • Site list and status summary
  • Site Activity Reports
  • Estimated consumption reports
  • Management of regular irrigation schedule
  • Ad Hoc and future dated override commands
  • Online help, tools and calculators


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