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Apr 27 2016 - Micromet in BioNews Industry Newsletter

Micromets recent trade deal with China received a write up in the May 2016 edition of BioNews, the industry newsletter from BioSA

read it here.

Mar 08 2016 - Micromet announces joint venture with partners in China

At state parliament today we signed a binding agreement to form a joint venture with Dadongwu, a partially state owned industrial group in Huzhou.

The joint venture will market and sell Micromet water treatment processes and products into China, bringing new manufacturing jobs to South Australia.

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Feb 24 2016 - Micromet to treat community waste water in Canada

Micromet signed a deal today along with our distributor Living Sky Water Solutions, to build a new 1 megalitre per day waste water treatment plant for the town of Kerrobert SK, in South Central Canada.

The plant will be used to expand capacity for the towns existing sewage lagoon system.

Nov 28 2015 - Micromet back in China for a live demo tour

For the past week, our team has been travelling China performing a small scale live demonstration on a variety of waste water including factory machining waste and garbage permeate.

Test outcomes were very positive and we look forward to doing business in the future with our Chinese partners.

Oct 14 2015 - Micromet in the News.

Micromet made the news today. Over the past 6 months we have been working hard to establish export markets in Canada, China and South East Asia for our Water Treatment product.

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May 26 2015 - Micromet joins SA Trade Delegation to China.

This week Micromet is pleased to be sending our Engineering Sales Director Andrew Townsend to China with the South Australian trade mission to Shandong Province. This will the largest ever trade delegation from South Australia.

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Mar 23 2015 - Micromet Water Treatment.

Today we are releasing a new line of water treatment solutions.

With a Micromet water treatment system you can recycle your waste water back into process water and keep using it, creating a new paradigm for safe, inexpensive and efficient recycling of sewage-derived and general industrial effluents and waste waters.

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Mar 3 2015 - Downtime / Web site changes
There will be downtime on March 5th for a new platform release.

The platform release will introduce various new features and improvements, including charting and reporting improvements on the web site.

If you require assistance during the down time, please contact us.

Mar 15 2015 - Charting / Reporting update
We have introduced a new charting system to the web site. The new tool does not require flash and supports most browsers and devices including iOS and Android 3.0 or better, and includes a printing and data download facility.
In some cases both the old and new version of reports will remain available temporarily while we Beta test advanced features in a wider set of platforms.

If you have any queries or feedback, please contact us.

Jan 16 2015 - Downtime / Web site changes
There will be a short down time on Jan 17th to deploy some additional web site updates.
The site details page is returning with additional details and parameters. Over the next month  we will be testing a new feature allowing users to update some site parameters via this page.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact us.

August 26 2014 - System Upgrade Advanced Notice
Over the next few weeks Micromet will be deploying a new platform version, including some exciting changes to our web based services.  Changes to site navigation, searching and reporting will be released incrementally to minimize any disruption to service.

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