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Founded in 1997, Micromet began as an irrigation management company with offices located around Australia. The original service combined extensive horticultural and irrigation management expertise with the latest in wireless technology advancements. Micromet became a leading provider of irrigation management services for municipalities, schools and other public open spaces, managing over 1000 sites by the year 2000.

Beginning around 1997 until the late 2000’s, large parts of southern Australia were affected by the Millennium Drought. Initially, because of increased interest in water savings and conservation this saw benefits for Micromets water management system. As the Millennium Drought wore on during the mid to late 2000’s, water restrictions in Southern Australia became more common, and the irrigation management business became paradoxically tougher.

While saving water was more important than ever, rationing meant that accessing water on a basis flexible enough to manage properly (if at all) became increasingly impossible. The deepening of the drought prompted increased restrictions to be enforced in Victoria which led to a large number of irrigation sites being shut off completely.

This encouraged Micromet to implement a diversification strategy into other aspects of the water industry.

In 2008-09 Micromet upgraded its services to operate using cellular network based communication. This allowed the expansion of the product range into remote solar-powered data acquisition for weather, water usage and water quality monitoring. These products are still popular today.

Around this time Micromet also became involved in experimental stormwater harvesting and aquifer storage and retrieval (ASR) projects. While working with the wider water management industry it became apparent that treatment of water was a significant and largely unaddressed issue. Combined with the tightening of environmental regulations and the increasing cost of water it was recognized that there would be a large future market in this area. Micromet R&D started work on what is now the Micromet Water Treatment System, and in 2013 field trials began along with development of complementary products and systems. Since that time the company has been working to bring that product from a bespoke project technology to a large scale manufacturable second generation product suitable for export markets.

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